02 June, 2009

“Will He Dance?"

The ability of music to express or evoke emotions and ideas will never cease to amaze me.

My friend, Chad Truman was showing me he and his brother Ben’s debut album coming out while we were driving. The fourth song “Will He Dance?” immediately became my favorite.

The song begins with a guy giving a girl advice about a relationship she’s in and, as implied by the title, is centered on questions. To my surprise, rather than following the answer “no” and continuing with the idea “Well, than he’s just not good enough for you” the bridge followed the answer “yes” and encouraged hope.

I think this message is important in a society where women too often look for the perfect relationship depicted in chick-flicks and men look for the idealized beauty fabricated in the media rather than someone who makes you feel like and treats you as if you’re the ideal you.

You can find “Will He Dance?” at http://www.myspace.com/trumanboys. It was especially fun to see the photo, attached to this post, I had taken of Ben at their Velour show as the thumbnail for the song. Un compliment.

Lastly, Truman is opening for Kelly Clarkson 11 June, 2009 at UVU’s Baseball Field! Buy tickets at this website: http://www.uvu.edu/uvuphoria/.