21 May, 2009

Piano Instructor = Psycho Therapist

My instructor and I were discussing technique at the end of my lesson this morning, as previously mentioned I don’t keep my fourth and fifth fingers on the keys, and he informed me that women have weaker knuckle arches than men. This seems likely since women don’t typically tighten or use their fists on a regular basis.
The comparisons between men and women continued and my teacher made the comment that he is a psycho therapist. I laughed and facetiously replied, “Well then you can be my piano and relationship instructor.” To my surprise he pulls out these sheets of paper from his briefcase. On them were different jokes regarding gender differences.
One, titled “Buy Jeans at Gap” showed the diagram of a shopping mall. There were two colored pathways. The blue, being the man, went into the mall entrance and directly to Gap while the red, being the woman, made all types of turns and detours never even entering Gap. At the bottom of the page it listed the times for each. Man: a half hour and around $30 spent. Woman: 6 hours and around $800 spent. Classic.
Another, titled “Men Winning an Argument” was a graph. The Y axis described the percentage of men winning an argument with their other half. The X axis described the stage of their relationship. The level of arguments won during dating was moderate, but it went down hill from there. Rarely was an argument won during engagement and marriage... ya, the graph flat lined. I was laughing uncontrollably.
It reminded me of a video my cousins showed me a few months ago. I cannot convey in words how funny this is.

19 May, 2009

New Position

Title: Marketing Strategist, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (CPMS)

What a mouthful right?!

Essentially, I am now the public relations specialist on the college marketing team. The team also consists of a graphic designer, a journalist and a marketing specialist. The marketing team is constructing and executing a year-long campaign to brand, organize and promote the college.

When hired I was informed, because of my graphic and writing experience, my position not only entails public relations but supplements and assists the other three positions. As part of the team, I have been planning strategic marketing efforts, researching publics (alumnus, current and prospective students, and departments,) writing articles, and designing website and digital signage layouts... and that's just so far. It is challenging, but so worthwhile!

It's interesting being the only girl on the team. A fact my friends found exciting. They've teased me with, "What, you're getting married?!" Ha, ha! They were dismayed to find out that one is married and the other two are engaged. In comparison, I love this fact! I am the kid sister of the team. I can tease and jest all I want without worrying how it will be perceived.

It's funny, just like any kid sister I've come to have a favorite brother. He's the journalist on the team and my fellow comms major. That's why it is so unusual that he be my favorite. Comms majors of different emphases don't usually get along because of the loyalty of each to their own emphasis, but he's so fun to banter with. He's also my comic relief when our meetings go long.

I miss being in the Bradley Lab, especially the interaction with the advertising students, but I think I will learn a great deal in this position. I'm excited for the upcoming year!

15 May, 2009

To Begin Again

I’ve started piano lessons again. Which is exciting, playing the piano runs in my blood.

My maternal grandmother studied at the McCuen School of Music in the ‘30s and ‘40s and was being primed for Julliard before she married. My mother played for over twenty years and was arguably the only of her siblings to achieve the sound of my grandmother. I continue the tradition of a love for music.

Now, if I could just keep my fourth and fifth fingers on the keys consistently.

09 May, 2009


Where to start?

Well, several close friends of mine have asked why I haven't started a blog. After all, I am a writer. I didn't for a few reasons. First, it seemed rather redundant. I already write in a journal, so reiterating my thoughts on a blog seemed like a waste of time. Second, contact and updates through blogs seemed distant. I felt it would rob me of the personal relationships and face to face interactions I greatly value. So why am I here, after holding out so long, blogging? I can't pin point one specific reason, but I love reading my friends reflections and I enjoy writing my own thoughts, so why not?

It leaves me questioning though how much I should share on such a viral medium. I guess the answer will come with practice, but I think here I will express those thoughts I would want to share with everyone. The others I can leave to my journal.

I think the hardest thing about starting a blog is thinking of a title... that isn't already taken! Mine comes from the quote, "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary... is passion." The funny thing is I can't recall when or where I cam across it, but I feel it applies to so many facets of life. And maybe I thought it applicable because it kind of sums me up in eight words.

I have a passion for varied subjects, though music is probably the most prevalent. No matter what I am doing it relates in one way or another to music. I was studying music initially, but then changed my major to public relations. I've been asked why I changed, and I usually respond with, "Well, I can get where I want to with PR." This isn't entirely true. I could have progressed while studying music and eventually ended up somewhere in the industry and been happy, but with public relations I can utilize more of who I am and what I can do. Yet, I will never be a "suit" in the office of a Fortune 500 company. I have to many creative interests. I am a contemporary singer and songwriter. If I have the choice of spending time anywhere you will find me in the recording studio, behind or in front of the mic! I may post a few songs later... maybe.

I guess that's a beginning. Au revoir.