10 April, 2015

Wedding Planning Gratitude Post

I was so grateful when my sister just younger than me got married in January that I didn't have to do a thing. For years I worried about how I would be able to step up and fill in during both my sister's weddings with our mom gone. But thanks to her incredible now mother-in-law, a.ka. the fairy godmother, all I had to do was buy the bridesmaid dress and show up. It was wonderful!

Now with my youngest sister getting married, in about a week and a half actually, I'm grateful for the talents I've been prepared with to help make this one happen just as beautiful. Side note, if you're reading this and your mom helped make your wedding dreams come true… the woman deserves a medal, or at least a long really sweet hug.

So anyway, my youngest sister wanted to do this whole wedding planning thing on her own and I was totally okay with that, but I knew she was going to get to a point where she would need and ask for help. She, and her LDS wedding planning app, got all the way to the ordering of the announcements before I got called in. I was super impressed and very proud of her. She had the temple booked, the reception center scheduled, the decorations all planned and reserved, and the whole concept (or feel she was going) for in mind, but at the announcements she was stuck.

My youngest sister wanted a Beauty and the Beast feel to her wedding. She didn't want it exactly like it or to come off cheesy, but she did want it to feel inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Now is where my task began. She wanted a wedding announcement that captured that feeling by utilizing the enchanted rose. Not to mention, she wanted her colors blue and silver to be a part of it too. I have never designed a wedding announcement in my life. But I wasn't going to let her down if I could help it.

When I showed her the finished product, to the left, she actually started crying and I knew it was what she had wanted. Not only did we make her deadline on her LDS wedding planning app, but with the help of BYU Print Services we were able to print the announcements, insert cards, and envelopes with the to and return addresses printed on each one for under $300.

After her future in laws saw it, her soon to be father-in-law gave me the task to color edit their engagement photos he took as well. And then I used that same photo as the cover of the guest book they will have at the reception. It continues with the Beauty and the Beast idea by incorporating the rose into their own kind of logo I also designed and then each page has a line to the first verse of "Tale As Old As Time"as part of it. It's all come together so perfectly.

But even I can't do everything and I am even more grateful for my sister just younger than me, several aunts and cousins, and friends who have rallied to help where their gifts and talents excel… and mine do not. Like the bridal showers. I don't do bridal showers. I don't even like to attend them honestly. So I was beyond thrilled when two of our cousins and aunt volunteered to host and plan it. Not to mention all the amazing food they and my sister just younger than me made for both the showers. It was like they were heaven sent.

For my youngest sister's bridals I did her makeup, nails and even her hair in a Belle-esque fashion, but it was my friend Courtney Ball whose magic photography skills captured her vision during her bridals. As Courtney snapped photo after photo I just looked at my sister in awe really. Was this really the little girl who followed me around school, copying my every move… all grown up now?! It is, but I still kinda can't believe it.

I'm so excited for both my sisters, starting these new chapters in life with honest, hardworking, faithful, diligent men to journey with, hand in hand.  

And there's one more major surprise in store for my youngest sister during her wedding celebration, again with the help of many family and friends, It's so perfect, and ties everything in, not to mention is totally something our mom would have done for her if she could be here. I'm so excited for her to see it I can hardly hold it in. But that will have to wait for a later post.

Never give up on your dreams. And do everything you can to help those you love achieve theirs.