07 January, 2016

A Few Modest Modifications

I fell in love with this dress, but the sleeves were just the lace overlay and the neckline was a bit too low to cover Latter-day Saint garments.

So I hat the local Joann Fabric store and found nothing even close to match the rosy color underneath. It looked like the dress might go back, but then I found the exact same rosy color in my closet; a Banana Republic top I got on clearance months ago.

I didn't want to destroy that top though, so I went to the mall and low and behold they had a shirt, still on clearance, of different fabric (an even better match actually) in the exact color I needed.
And thanks to a coupon I had I ended up walking out of the store paying nothing for it.

Now you can't even tell the difference. I'm excited. Can't wait to wear it!

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