11 March, 2015

Learning How To Slow Down and Listen

I've realized recently what it actually means to "slow down." This concept has completely escaped my understanding throughout my life, as many of my close friends and family can fervently attest to I'm sure. But the last few months I've come to experience just how much there is to learn from your own "intuition" as some would say, or as I would call it... The Spirit, when you let go of the distractions that hold you and begin to really listen.

In the process, things that have frustrated my understanding for ages have become clear, like road blocks suddenly cleared away. What is so ironic I guess, is that I haven't actually "slowed down" at all in the sense of having fewer things to do. In fact, I may be busier than I ever have been, but it's the direction of my focus that is different. As I have let go of the things I don't understand and weaknesses I felt I couldn't overcome no matter how hard I tried, I found a new sense of trust and peace and my focus naturally turned towards truly important things I couldn't have seen otherwise.

I also found I had more energy to draw upon to accomplish what I could clearly see I needed to do. Most often it had to do with either helping someone else dear to me or helping myself so that I could better help someone else in due course. And many times, I found that also my approach to how I would handle the challenges I was facing completely changed for the better.  It's been the most fascinating growing experience.  

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